Wednesday, October 10, 2012 Save Students Time and Money!

Hey College Students,

Are you looking for ways to save money on your textbooks for next semester? As a student myself, I know how incredibly expensive it can be to pay for textbooks--and how frustrating it can be when the store won't buy your textbook back because of a newer edition.

You can eliminate the hassle and worry of selling back your textbooks this semester, by renting your school books from!

At Campus Book Rentals, you can rent textbooks for 40%-90% off of regular bookstore prices! In addition, there is free shipping both ways with easy and inexpensive options for extending your rental period. Students don't need to worry about marking or highlighting in their books, because that's absolutely allowed with Campus Book Rentals!

I rented my Statistics Textbook for my "intro to stats for people who aren't in math or hard sciences" class because I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep that book or not. The rental was easy and I got my book quickly! I ended up deciding to keep the book after all, and purchasing the textbook was a breeze. I could not be happier with my rental experience and the customer service that I received.
I can definitely reccomend from personal experience.

You can see that the difference in price for a rental versus buying a book is pretty substantial: This Survey of Accounting Book is $12.41 for one semester, while purchasing the book is around $64!

Also be sure to check out this funny video about textbook rental FAQ!

Happy Renting Textbooks! I Hope you enjoyed the video and my review of Campus Book Rentals!